Why is all this so critical?

The COP26 meeting in Glasgow which resulted in the 2021 Glasgow Climate Pact showed us that there is a massive amount of work to do if we are to prevent our carbon dioxide emissions leading to global warming and climate change becoming unmanageable and destructive. We also know that every single one of us has to take some responsibility for this, it’s not just for governments, scientists and industries to resolve.

But this leads to the inevitable questions:

  • What can I do?
  • What difference will what I do really make?

It’s not just about climate. Although global warming is undoubtedly the biggest threat to our ecosystems, and probably to our very existence, there are other crucial issues to think about too. On this site, we are broadly thinking about our environmental problems in eight categories:

Air pollution
  • Climate change brought about by carbon emissions
  • Plastic pollution, including the growing issue of microplastics
  • Biodiversity, that is the destruction of species and habitats
  • Consumerism and the way it is making the way we live unsustainable
  • Food waste and the ethical and environmental considerations around it
  • Pollution of our lands, waterways, oceans and atmosphere
  • Waste production and disposal, which is out of control
  • Water supplies – ensuring security and equitable access

We have understood only in recent years of the consequences of our actions since The Industrial Revolution. We have exploited and poisoned – sometimes knowingly and often unknowingly – and now it is critical that we change the way we live. We must learn from our past mistakes and the consequences of them.

We all have a part to play. Please become a World Saver and play yours!

Before it is too late for us all.

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