Our systems for collecting, storing and distributing water are under strain, leading to ecosystem failure, shortages, and even the potential for conflict.

Even in so-called developed countries where a continuous supply of clean water is taken for granted, systems are under strain. Not just our infrastructure, but underlying supplies too; aquifers and reservoirs get very low each summer and our water tables (the natural level of underground water) are being reduced. This impacts on our eco-systems to the detriment of plants and wildlife, as well as threatening our own water security.

Water is a precious life-giving resource and we need to treat it as such, and not take it for granted.

Our water supply systems take huge volumes from our natural environment and our waste water disposal systems more often than not pollute. If we can reduce our use and wastage of water there will be much less strain on the ecosystem and our infrastructure.

There are many advantages to taking action as individuals to conserve water:

  • saving a critical resource we take too much for granted
  • reducing the chance of water shortages or droughts
  • less strain on water systems means we can supply safe, clean water to all
  • reducing the use of fluoride and other chemicals used to treat water
  • reduces costs

Become a World Saver and join collective action to address this and other major environmental issues.

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