SMOL trial

Action: Test SMOL laundry and dishwasher products (it’s free)

Nothing to lose but the plastic!

This week’s action is to try something new and (at the time of writing, December 2023) the company involved are offering “freebies” which is always a bonus! This action is about using a dishwasher or laundry product (or both) that comes with absolutely no plastic packaging at all, is cheaper than many brands, and that comes with a free trial pack.

What do we want you to do?

This week’s action is to try these eco-friendly dishwasher and laundry tablets from SMOL. They are produced with no plastic, and the childproof packaging is entirely made from recyclable card. SMOL also claim to use less chemicals meaning less pollution going into our waste water system.

The first packet is free so it’s a no-brainer really; I guess they want you to try and if you’re impressed, you’ll continue to use them!

SMOL is available in the UK and several other countries, it’s worth checking out their website to see if yours is included.

SMOL trial

Why is this an eco-action?

Using these alternatives to traditional tablets or liquids is a good move for our environment because plastic packaging is a massive contributor to global pollution and carbon dioxide emissions (through fossil fuel use in manufacture). As consumers we must push back against the rising tide of plastic in our lives and this is one easy and cheap way of doing so.

SMOL tell us at their website that “(SMOL) champions plastic-free and fully recyclable packaging wherever possible. If not possible, we make sure to use post-consumer waste that’s fully recyclable or returnable for reuse or create bottles for life. Cleaning shouldn’t involve animal cruelty and SMOL is Leaping Bunny certified”.

Take action!

If SMOL is available in your country please try this free trial offer, there’s nothing to lose but your plastic! Oh, and if the offer is finished by the time you read this, just try the products anyway, because it’s still a good eco-action!

Visit the SMOL website here to learn more or to try.

Please also sign up for out fortnightly bulletin of eco-action using the simple form below; thank you!

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