Christmas stocking

Action: Turn an old favourite clothing item into a special Christmas stocking

Avoid binning an old item of clothing with this simple sewing project

Everyone loves a Christmas stocking!

Everyone disposes of old clothes sometimes.

Today’s action is a way of using old clothes to make a Christmas stocking. Children will love things that have been made for them by a parent or grandparent – mine have stockings that were made from a child’s coat when they were 5 and 3 and are still hung up every year (they are now in their thirties), and I had to make one for my granddaughter to match!

What you need

  • Suitable old clothing. Coats and jackets work best, but don’t use things that still have life in them or are still good enough to go to a charity shop, we want you to reuse things that would otherwise be discarded
  • Fabric marker or chalk
  • Ribbon for the hanger
  • Needle and thread, or sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Decorating materials such as embroidery thread, ribbons, fabric paint, felt letters and so on
Christmas stocking pattern

What to do

Lay out your clothing so that you can mark the stocking pattern on it clearly; the pattern should be like this picture (click to enlarge).

You can make this any size of course, depending on what clothing you are using and how many presents you want it to hold.

Cut out two stockings and one cuff carefully and accurately. If you are using a fairly thin material you might want to double it up, in which case you will need four of course. You’ll need to “flip” the pattern from left to right and cut one (or two if doubling) of each shape.

Lay one (or two) layers of your pattern material down flat with the design side up.

Place the other, or opposite, one (or two) on top, with the design side down.

Sew the pieces together starting at one of the corners, all the way around the shape of the sock, and up to the other corner. Leave the top of the stocking open.

Turn the stocking inside out so that the design is now on the outside and your sewing is hidden inside.

Pin the cuff around the top of the stocking, iron it flat and then sew all the way round.

Use some ribbon to make a loop for hanging the stocking and sew it to the top back corner.

Now decorate your stocking.; for example you could embroider a letter or a name, or you could use other old fabric pieces to make stars and other Christmas shapes.

And … job done.

Why this helps

  • you have kept old fabric out of landfill
  • you have avoided buying a pre-made stocking with associated plastic packaging and manufacturing carbon footprint
  • you have created a unique item that your child will love
  • you have saved money!

Take action

At Christmas, make this small project for a child and enjoy their reaction knowing that you have avoided waste at the same time.

Merry Christmas!

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