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Action: Switch to using soap bars instead of liquids

Another easy way to reduce your unnecessary use of single-use plastic

This week’s action means making a small change to your shopping list; instead of buying liquid hand soap, which invariably comes in a plastic bottle, please buy soap bars packaged in paper or cardboard. It’s an easy “eco-hit” for us all and soap bars can be cheaper than the liquids too (partly because you are not paying for the plastic packaging!)

Why is this important?

The plastic bottles that liquid soap is packaged in are a totally unnecessary single use of plastic. As we have noted in many of our articles, plastic pollution and non-recycling are both big problems for our planet – plastic waste is killing wildlife, littering our countryside, beaches and oceans, and breaking into smaller and smaller pieces in the environment until eventually it enters our own food chain as microplastic and nanoplastic pieces.

Some of the plastic bottles can be recycled, but recycling rates are less than 10% for household plastic, so it is better, if we can, to avoid using it in the first place. Did you know that plastic can only be recycled a few times anyway before it degrades?

Some soap bottles are not recyclable because they contain multiple types of plastic (body, label, pump and cap) or because the pump contains metal parts.

It’s so much better to use soap bars!

Soap bars

Traditional soap bars are convenient, last longer, and many come wrapped in paper and are therefore completely plastic-free (Yay!!)

Even the ones that have plastic wrapping use MUCH less of it that the bottles do.

It is a myth that soap bars are any less effective or hygienic than liquid soap – in fact many people claim they are more effective because it is easier to get a lather up.

There is a huge range available, from posh beautifully packaged and fragranced luxury soaps to great value supermarket buys.

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Take action

Please – next time you buy soap, ditch the plastic – you know it makes sense!

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