A note for schools

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Schools are very welcome to use our material as part of any environmental education programme.

You can, of course, print our articles and refer to our website and social media accounts at any time.

You can reproduce our articles for educational use but this is limited to printing what is reasonably needed to distribute to your pupils.

Click here for articles tagged “children”.

Click here for articles tagged “education”.

Don’t forget, as a teacher you have access to the full back-library of environmental actions. This is a collection of dozens of articles about how individuals and families can help to protect our ecosystems and improve our environment, any of which can be used for classroom activities. All that we ask in return is that you recognise us fairly. This means:

  • please cite “www.world-savers.org” on anything you reproduce
  • if you have school social media accounts, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and share our articles
  • ask and recommend that your students and staff follow us on social media
  • tell us what you are doing, by tagging us in your social media accounts

Social media audiences are crucial to our success, it’s how we will reach potential activists – especially young people – and it’s how we will sustain this site. Thank you for your support.

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