Other issues

Climate change, plastic pollution and reduced biodiversity dominate the headlines, but there are other things to think about too!

It is quite understandable that our politicians and media are giving these three big problems plenty of coverage and attention; we all know they are critical. However, it’s worth a few moments to remember that there are several other big issues which we need to get to grips with.

In reality, many of the problems we face are intertwined. Here are a few of the others we need to think about; take a look at our page and links on each.

Consumerism: Our insatiable appetite for “stuff”.

Food Waste: Our horrendous waste levels are unsustainable.

Pollution: The ongoing poisoning of our various ecosystems.

Waste: Our massive and still growing waste mountains.

Water: We need to get to grips with global management and distribution of this precious resource fairly.

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