146: No need to buy those plastic highlighter pens any more

Cost of taking action: £/$/€ SAVES MONEY

We all love highlighter pens, and now there is a great wooden alternative to the classic plastic ones

Action 164 is another small step you can take at home or in the office to reduce your use of plastic.

Please resolve to buy wooden highlighter pencils like these instead of the plastic ones we are all used to.

You can buy by clicking on this link but if you prefer to source your own a quick internet search throws up lots of options.

There are several advantages to using these highlighter pencils instead of traditional plastic pens:

  • Obviously, the main thing is NO PLASTIC, which is brilliant
  • Dead felt tipped plastic highlighter pens are not recyclable, so only end up in landfill
  • Using these pencils instead completely avoids that
  • No plastic also means no fossil fuels used to make the pens
  • They are made from wood, a sustainable source of materials
  • They are cheaper than the plastic felt tipped pens
  • They last longer, and can be sharpened; they never dry out!

Here at Rotary World Savers we have tested them out, and they are great.

Take action

Buy these wooden highlighter pencils next time you need highlighters, and better still persuade classmates or work colleagues to do the same. Maybe even encourage your class or company to adopt using them.

It’s an easy plastic-reducing action to take!

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