Insulation lining

135: Decorating? Line your external walls first

Cost of taking action: £/$/€ LOW

Using insulated lining behind wallpaper on external walls can reduce your energy consumption

Today’s action is another fairly simple energy saving one.

In most households our biggest use of electricity or gas is for our heating systems. Anything we can do to stop heat escaping from our homes means that less energy is used, and so less carbon is emitted. Also, of course, it means lower electricity and gas bills, which is always a bonus.

If you are planning a painting and decorating job, this action is to take the opportunity to apply lining to the inside of your external walls, behind your new wallpaper or paint. Using insulation sheet specially designed for this purpose can make a significant difference to your home’s energy efficiency.

What is it?

The insulation is a thin sheet of paper-backed polystyrene* which has been treated to be fire retardant. It is usually 2mm or 4mm think and comes in the form or a roll which is attached to your wall with special adhesive. Your wallpaper is then stuck over this in the normal way.

* Yes, we know polystyrene is a non-biodegradable plastic, however insulation is one of the few valid uses of this material. Just be careful to dispose of it properly in future if it is ever stripped off your wall.

This provides an extra layer of insulation. It is especially helpful in older properties where there may not be cavity walls with insulating layers built in. Even where insulation is in place, it never hurts to add more!

Insulation lining
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Why is this important?

Reducing heat loss from our homes is crucial because we need to reduce our dependency on gas and on electricity generated using fossil fuels in order to have any chance of limiting global warming. We all must play our part by changing to more efficient use of power in everything that we do.

By reducing demands on our grids, our power supply companies will burn less coal, oil and gas. We need to get to the point where demand can all be met using renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydro.

Steps like this, if taken by many households, could contribute significantly.

What to do

Check out the reviews and instructions for using these materials. They are very easy to apply if you are a DIY-er and if you use a decorator they will be familiar with their use.

Here is an example link >

(NB this is not an endorsement of the brand shown, but is merely intended as an example)

What are the benefits?

The benefits of lining the inside of your external walls with insulation prior to wallpapering or painting are:

  • reduction in energy consumption and carbon emissions
  • reduction in your heating bills
  • your rooms will feel warmer
  • your walls are warmer to the touch
  • covers rough walls and imperfections easily before painting or papering
  • can reduce the effects of damp
  • can reduce condensation problems

Take action

If you are planning a decorating job, invest a little extra in insulation first, you will quickly feel the benefits and recover the cost.

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