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100: Strike these five things from your shopping list

Cost of taking action: £/$/€ FREE

Take action on plastics by removing some of the worst offending items from regular use

This action is simply to resolve NOT to buy a few things – ever again!

And those items are:

1. Cling film

Cling film is a horrendous use of plastic, and totally unnecessary. Please strike it permanently from your list. Cover food with plates, use re-usable zip bags, store it in Tupperware containers, or use foil (at least it’s recyclable).

2. Chewing Gum

Did you know that chewing gum is basically plastic, and is a major polluter. See our article about gum here, and please strike it from your list for good.

3. Single use plastic bags (food bags, bin bags, carrier bags)

For all the reasons we have outlined time and time again on this site, single use plastic bags should now be a complete no-no. There are plenty of alternatives for bin bags, food bags and carrier bags. Please just refuse to buy them ever again.

4. Lucozade and similarly double-wrapped energy drink bottles

Please don’t buy so-called sports drinks / energy drinks that are in a plastic bottle wrapped in a further plastic outer coating. In theory, the bottle is recyclable but in reality people never separate the two when disposing of the packaging. This type of packaging is one of the worst environmental offenders and should not be purchased by any consumer with a green conscience.

5. Disposable plastic cotton buds and make-up wipes

Yup, these are classics we know, but always worth a mention. Just say no, once again there are plenty of alternatives.

Take action

Please simply resolve to never buy these items again. This will bring several benefits:

  • you will be reducing the use of and disposal of plastic in your home
  • you will protect our environment from the damage done as these items are discarded
  • you will save money as non-plastic alternatives are often cheaper!
  • you will be educating your children and family and demonstrating good habits to them
  • you will bring consumer pressure to bear on the manufacturers and sellers of polluting goods

We know there are many more items to cross off your list too, have a browse through our articles to see other things to avoid.

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