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097: Read this National Geographic article (7 minute read)

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Take 7 minutes to read this article from National Geographic

This action is to take just a few minutes of your time to read this article from Laura Parker at National Geographic, which explains why we have a big, big problem with plastic pollution around the globe.

The article is easy to read and understand and is suitable for all age groups, so why not encourage your children to read it too.

Here’s the link >> Plastic pollution facts and information (

You may also find the links in the article to other articles on National Geographic interesting too. National Geographic is a highly respected publication and a great source of information about our planet and our ecosystems, so take a little time to browse their site if you can.

Why this is important

We cannot expect people to take action to repair the damage caused by our plastic pollution unless they understand the nature and scale of the problem. Articles like this serve to educate us all, and can prompt people to do things that can help redress the balance.

Taking this action will:

  • improve your knowledge of the plastic pollution problem and the background to the plastic story
  • educate your children and help them understand the problem they are inheriting
  • prompt us all to take measures to reduce our consumption of single-use plastics
  • prompt us to dispose of or recycle our waste properly where we can
  • broaden understanding of the wider crisis facing the human race and our planet

Take action

Click through now and read the article, and then let us know what you think by commenting here or via your social media channels.

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