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088: Turn to eBay and Facebook Marketplace

Cost of taking action: £/$/€ NIL

From our guest writer Jasmin in Australia

This action is all about second-hand items

Next time you need something for yourself or for your home, turn to platforms like eBay and Facebook Marketplace. You can save money whilst reducing your environmental footprint.

Platforms such as eBay and Facebook Marketplace have become the modern-day virtual garage sale.

(“Car Boot Sale” in the UK 🙂   ….  Ed)

You can sell items you no longer need, and buy from others. Not only can you find a great bargain, but you’re also helping to reuse items and materials that have already been manufactured thereby reducing the amount of unnecessary waste going into landfill.

There are lots of benefits:


As we have covered in many articles, reuse of items and materials is a huge saver for our environment, reducing energy and resource use, waste going to landfill, demands on our disposal systems and much more. It really is a win-win situation if you can get a bargain or sell your items for a little cash, and help preserve our planet’s resources too.


Facebook Marketplace exists within an actual community of people often facilitating connection with other people in your area. You may meet new friends and connections, or end up with a go-to person for your future purchases, or establish local customers if you are selling.


Easily search and filter items by your specific requirements and look at only those which are relevant to you. Quickly scan your phone wherever you are, whenever you have a minute and contact sellers with questions or to arrange for pickup, drop off or postal delivery.


Ratings and reviews on both platforms provide accountability and a way to gauge the likely quality of the sale.


Save money by purchasing second-hand items and being able to shop around from a range of options people are selling. Facebook Marketplace is totally free to use if you are selling. There are fees if you sell on eBay but a much wider geographical reach – even international.

You may even find a bargain – for example sometimes people are making a quick move and sell virtually brand new items at a fraction of the cost to buy them from a store.


Providing a forum through which to easily reuse and recycle items in working condition, these platforms support a shift back toward sustainable consumerism. For example, parents often turn to these spaces as they face ever changing clothing and toy needs for their growing children. Replacing with brand new items each time can be both expensive and very waste-creating.

Take action

This action is about reusing things … this is where Facebook Marketplace and eBay offer an alternative for quality second-hand items that are cheaper, and a much more sustainable way to shop. So, next time you need an item of clothing, or an appliance for your home, why not first hop onto eBay or Facebook Marketplace and see what is on offer.

Here are the links to start





This article has been contributed by
Jasmin Harrison
Web: www.word-wizardry.com
Insta: @word_wizardry
Twitter: @wizardryword

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