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073: No more plastic charity doorstep collection bags

Cost of taking action: £/$/€ NIL

Charity doorstep collection bags are an appalling use of single-use plastic!

This action is to print off our PDF notice and put it in your front window.

Self explanatory really!

Click this image to download the poster.

Download the poster here (A4 PDF file)

Why is this important?

Businesswaste says that overall 525,000,000 charity collection bags are delivered unsolicited to households across Britain annually, or 2,625 tonnes of them, yet only 3% of bags are filled and left out on collection day. As a result, over half a billion bags (2,500 tonnes) are not used for their intended purpose.

We are sure that in other countries there must be similar collections too.

charity doorstep bag

Something has to be done to stop this tide of waste. Too many plastic bags end up in landfill, incinerators and our oceans.

Charities simply should not be using this method of collecting goods. Instead, they could:

  • Using genuinely bio-degradable bags, or US-style paper sacks
  • Deliver leaflets or sticky (paper!) labels to encourage households to use their own bags and boxes
  • Encourage alternative means of making a donation

In addition, the general public can help by:

  • Putting up a sign asking charities not to leave bags (like ours!)
  • Making donations directly to charity shops or recycling bins

Other advantages of this action:

  • Doorstep collections of old clothes are a target for scammers and thieves
  • Educate your family and neighbours with a poster like ours
  • Save the charities the cost of the bags


Please download and print off our poster today (just click on the image near the top of this article) and display it near your letterbox to discourage the use of bags. Please print copies for your neighbours, family and friends too.

You could also send the poster in PDF for to the publishers of your neighbourhood magazine, or share it on your social media channels.

Thank you.

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