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032: Dedicate a tree

Cost of taking action: £/$/€ LOW

Next time you are wondering what to buy someone for their birthday, anniversary, or other celebration, please consider making use of the many schemes that allow you to have a tree planted for and dedicated to your loved one.

This can be a lovely way of celebrating an event too, such as a wedding or birth, and can also be used in-memoriam instead of buying flowers at a funeral.

The organisations that arrange these schemes actively manage the woodlands that are planted, and will send you a certificate to give to your family member.

Here are a couple of examples in the UK. Wherever you are, a simple internet search will identify lots of opportunities. However, be sure to check out the charity, company or organisation carefully and look at reviews.





A gift like this will, quite literally, last a whole lifetime. It’s also affordable – much the same price as buying a piece of clothing or a couple of books.

To receive such a thoughtful and natural gift is also lovely.

So again, this is a win all round for you, you family or friend, and the environment.

Why is planting trees important?

(with acknowledgments to woodsforthetrees.org for this text)

Trees store carbon and woodland soils store more carbon.

Both also provide habitats for our stressed wildlife, mitigate the effects of flooding, and reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide. Woodlands also provide valuable social amenity and locally sourced raw materials for crafts and building.

Trees convert sunlight, water, carbon dioxide and a few trace minerals into oxygen, cellulose, lignin, glucose and other complex, useful materials.  They provide pollen for insects even when more showy flowers are scarce.  Woods are climate controllers, they cool and humidify air in summer, insulate the earth in winter.  Over centuries, they become uniquely connected biomes, working landscapes and treasure chests of resources for future generations.

The case for planting more trees (and protecting existing ones) around the world is now proven; although identifying land on which to plant, and acquiring trees, is taking some careful and imaginative thinking.

A wood of 8 acres will yield about 8 tonnes of wood per year, sustainably – forever, equivalent to a tonne and a half of carbon; a good guide to trees’ storage capabilities.  More carbon, absorbed and retained by woodland soils, is a long term asset for the earth, while growing trees, even if they are harvested on a regular cycle for firewood, go on cycling and absorbing carbon throughout their lives.

And on top of all that, trees and woodlands are beautiful!

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