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Action: Follow some fascinating wildlife webcams

There are some fascinating wildlife feeds you can watch, and here’s why it can really help

At first thought, it might not seem that watching some wildlife on a webcam can contribute to the protection of our environment, but it really can.

If we learn and experience more of our the natural world, we are more likely to understand the importance of other actions like the ones featured on this site. In particular the next generation could be inspired to look after our planet better than the previous ones over the last century or so.

Bird cam

We are all less likely to care about and want to protect things we do not know about or cannot visualise.

As an additional benefit, research tells us that watching wildlife, even at a distance, can be good for our mental wellbeing. It is relaxing, quiet, and can de-stress us all at busy times.

What do do

Set aside an hour to follow some of the links we describe below and learn about the animals and scenes you can witness. It is one of the wonderful things about our internet technology that you can visit a view from thousands of miles away in real time.

Suggest to your family and friends – but especially children – to look too, or to view some of the scenes with you. Explain to children what you are seeing, encourage them to be patient, and encourage them to ask questions. Children will be especially interested in baby animals and seeing them develop – bird nest cams are ideal for this, for example.

Some links to try

Norfolk Wildlife Trust brings you a choice of cameras from rural England:

The Wildlife Trusts main website links out to lots of different UK based cameras

Lonely Planet offers up a selection of cams from around the world

Hundreds of amazing links from across the globe

Ecosia websearch for even more webcam links …

Take action

Please set aside some time to watch … but take care, it can become addictive!

If you haven’t already, please also sign up for our fortnightly bulletin ‘Take Action’ using the form below; thank you for your support.

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