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Action: Use environmentally friendly painting and decorating tools

It’s surprising perhaps how damaging some items can be; check this out!

We all paint our homes from time to time … to brighten things up or modernise the look. We love to “make the place our own” when we move in.

This week’s action is to turn to environmentally friendly decorating tools next time you are doing a bit of DIY. No more plastic paintbrushes, for example. We should also think about the paint we use too, but that’s a whole article of its own.

Wooden paintbrush

What needs to be changed?

  • switch to paintbrushes that are made of wood, not plastic
  • paintbrushes shouldn’t shed plastic bristles
  • try paint trays made from plant based materials (see link below)
  • you can buy rollers made with bamboo
  • don’t buy tools in plastic packaging
  • use dust sheets made from biodegradable material, not plastic
  • … or repurpose old cotton sheets
  • buy good quality tools that last and can be used time and time again
  • buy products made in your own country to limit transport carbon emissions

… you get the drift.

A lot of this is the usual common sense approach that we should use when shopping … avoid plastic, avoid single use items, and think about the carbon footprint of the tools and materials you are buying and using.

This site offers an interesting range of eco-friendly items for the DIY decorator:

Please note that we have no affiliation with the site and this is not a sponsored post, it’s just an example of what you can find if you look around a bit before buying your decorating tools and materials.

Take action

Just like in any shop, when you are in the hardware, homeware or tool shop preparing to do some decorating around your home, please think about the environment before you buy.

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