Insulation around doorway

Action: Install or renew draft excluder on your door frames

Door frame insulation can wear out and needs replacing from time to time

This is another way to reduce the amount of heat lost from your home and so reduce two things – your heating bill and your carbon emissions.

The usual sticky backed insulation draught-excluder tape you will find around many doors – internal and external – is prone to failing, As it ages it stays flat instead of swelling to fill the gaps, and it might start to peel away from the door frame. This means it loses its effectiveness.

This call to action is easy – we want you to check around your doors for draughts and install draught excluder where needed, or renew it if old excluder is failing.

power station polluting

A 10 metre roll of insulation costs less than £10 / E10 / $10, so this is an action that will very quickly pay for itself.

Why is this important?

Apart from all the obvious benefits to you of reduced heating bills and a cosier home with fewer drafts, it’s also very important that we save energy by reducing the amount of electricity and gas we use to heat our homes as much as we can.

The less energy you use, the smaller your carbon footprint is. Reducing our household carbon footprints is essential if we are to stand any chance of limiting the effects of climate change and global warming.

What to do

You can purchase rolls of draught excluder tape online at Amazon or in any DIY store. The tape is cheap and very easy to apply.

draught excluder
  • you will need the tape (5m is enough for a doorway)
  • scissors
  • hot, soapy water and a cloth
  • dry cloth
  • start by washing the frame to remove all traces of grease and dirt, especially oil from the hinges
  • dry the frame carefully, because the tape will not stick to a damp surface
  • as shown in the top photo of this article, stick the tape to the frame where the door presses against it
  • unroll the tape as you go
  • snip at the end of each run with the scissors
  • job done!

Take action

This is a quick, cheap and easy fix that saves you money AND contributes to protecting our environment. Please take action – why wouldn’t you?

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