Climate change

climate change

Our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions have led to global warming. The resulting climate change is undoubtedly the biggest threat to our species. Ever.

The science is irrefutable. Carbon dioxide in particular, but also methane and others, are what are known as “greenhouse gases”. This means they have the effect of trapping the heat from the sun in our atmosphere. Since the Industrial Revolution of the 1800s our industries, and more recently as a result of high consumption and travel, we have been pumping these gases into our environment as we burn fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas.

It doesn’t take much of an increase in average global temperatures to have a significant impact on our climate, and this is what we are seeing happening around the world right now.

To prevent catastrophic damage we must all work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The biggest factor is our use of energy – burning fossil fuels must stop and that’s only going to be possible if we all reduce our direct use of energy (for example heating our homes) and indirect use of energy (for example by reducing the miles our food is transported, or ending our use of plastic).

We cannot leave it to governments and industries to solve the problem, we all have a part to play.

Join World Savers – a collective committed to taking individual actions that will add up to big change and really make a difference.

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