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Action: Buy one of these 5 items

Five items to add to your shopping list that can really help

Another easy action to take this week – we’d like you to commit to buy at least one of these five items on your next weekly shopping trip to the supermarket, or supermarket delivery.

These items will genuinely help you to reduce your environmental impact. These are items we would love you to try, and in fact we hope they will become a habit. Please note that this is not a sponsored post and we are not recommending any specific brands. It’s about the environment, not about promoting one product above another!

None of these cost very much at all, and may even cost less than your usual alternative.

recycled toilet roll
  1. Truly compostable caddy liners and bin bags: These reduce plastic use considerably and are also very convenient for compostable kitchen waste, just drop the whole bag of tea leaves, vegetable peelings and so on into the composter in one clean move!
  2. Bamboo truly biodegradable toothbrushes: These reduce plastic use again, and remember that around the world we get through billions of plastic toothbrushes every year, very few of which get recycled!
  3. A one-off item – a reusable drink bottle: Use this every day instead of single-use plastic water bottles. Not only is this a sound environmental step, you’ll also save a small fortune!
  4. Toilet rolls made from recycled paper: This reduces virgin paper use and is often packaged in paper instead of plastic
  5. A soap bar packaged in card or paper (or that is unwrapped): This kind of purchase reduces your plastic and carbon footprints when compared to liquid soaps, and are just as effective (if not more so!)

Take action

Turn your desire to help into a practical step – please take action by buying at least one of the items listed.


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