Human devastation of plant and animal life and our destruction of habitats are combining to cause the collapse of ecosystems.

The resulting loss of biodiversity (numbers and populations of species) has a compounding effect. For example the loss of insect species reduces the number of pollinators, which has an impact on plant life. Reductions in plant diversity impacts on the food and habitats for animal life … this vicious circle is the result of our lack of care.

Deforestation of land to make way for food crops and fuel crops, the use of pesticides and insecticides all over the world, damming and diversion of water resources, our sprawling urban concrete developments, overfishing of many marine species … the list of causes of biodiversity loss goes on and on.

Biodiversity loss, climate change, our consumerism and wastefulness are all interlinked.

Significant changes to what and the way we eat and the way we live our lives are needed to halt and reverse the current trend of biodiversity loss. Of particular concern is large scale deforestation in Africa, Asia and South America which is also impacting on the carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere, adding to global warming and climate change.

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