Action: Take banana skins and other food scraps home

Did you know that many food scraps don’t biodegrade in the way you might expect?

It is a myth that you can just discard food waste and it will biodegrade harmlessly. For this action, we’d like you to resolve to take home things like banana skins, apple cores, orange peel, bread crusts and meat scraps.

If you are picnicking on the beach, lunching in the park, snacking around the town or hiking in the countryside, please take food scraps home with you along with your packaging litter. Just put it all back into a single bag or lunch box, and clean it out later.

Banana skins – don’t slip up

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Banana skins and other fruit waste shouldn’t be discarded, they do not degrade for up to two years, or can be eaten by animals which cannot process the sugars they contain properly. In addition, banana skins in particular are unsightly litter, and are not pleasant for other people using the beaches, parks and countryside.

Food waste

sandwich scraps

Food waste from your snacks outside should be (at the very least) put into bins if available. Ideally (or if bins are not around) it should be taken home and disposed of in the normal waste system. Also, banana skins (for example) can be chopped up and composted.

Food waste littering our townscapes and countryside:

  • is unsightly and smelly
  • lasts longer than you might imagine – up to two years
  • can attract vermin (especially meat scraps such as your half eaten ham sandwich)
  • can adversely affect or even kill the wildlife that eats it

Take action

Please, think about the environmental damage and the effects of littering, and don’t discard food scraps when you snack outside or have a picnic. Food scraps don’t simply disappear as you might think, they can do real harm or become unpleasant for others.

You know it makes sense – please take it home!

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