Thermal curtains

Action: Use thermal curtains in the colder season

Thermal lined curtains can cut your heating bills and your carbon emissions

This simple action will help you to keep your household bills down as well as contributing to our target of reducing the carbon emissions that come from heating our homes.

Thermal curtains are curtains made from fabric and liners that reduce heat transfer. They are extra insulation for your windows. Reducing the heat lost through your windows means:

  • less power used to heat your home
  • less wasted energy – gas, oil, and/or electricity
  • lower fuel bills
  • less fossil fuel use
  • lower carbon emissions
  • lower levels of other pollution from burning fossil fuels

What do you need to do?

As the weather gets colder, consider replacing bedroom and living room curtains with thermal, lined ones. These need not be expensive, but when shopping for curtains that can block out the cold there are a couple of things to look out for.

The most important thing is the fabric. Avoid lightweight fabrics and open weaves. Look for thicker, heavyweight curtains that are tightly woven in fabrics such as heavy cottons, velvet and suede.


The construction of the curtain also makes a big difference; there are many curtains on the market today that are lined specifically to reduce heat loss. These can have three or four layers, with an inner layer of thermal insulation in between the outer fabrics.

Thermal and insulated curtains are also thick enough to block out the light. That makes them perfect for hanging in your bedroom unless, of course, you enjoy bright sunlight waking you up in the morning!

Take action

Think about the amount of heat being lost through your windows, especially at night when temperatures outside plummet and your heating might be turned off, or down. Invest in a set of heavy, lined curtains, ideally with a layer of insulation included, to reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Another easy hit to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions!

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