fruit in netting

Action: Refuse to buy fruit and onions in netting

This action is a short, easy one.

Please resolve to stop buying fruit and vegetables packaged in this horrible plastic netting. The netting is a completely unnecessary use of plastic. Worse still, this type of plastic is non-recyclable and does horrendous damage to animal and marine life.

Bat in netting

It really is one of the worst examples of packaging ever.

  • contributes to our ever increasing plastic problem
  • is NOT recyclable
  • is NOT reusable
  • does NOT biodegrade
  • is unnecessary – it does not even protect the fruit from damage!
  • kills farm animals, wildlife, birds and sea life (see picture)
  • is easily avoided by buying fruit loose, or using paper bags, or a shopping bag
  • is awkward to open anyway without scissors or a knife
  • breaks up into tiny pieces that cause the worst damage to the environment.

Please, take action now and resolve never to buy fruit and vegetables packaged in this way again!

If you haven’t done so already, please sign up to our bulletin using the form below; thank you for your support.

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