Action: Reduce the plastic you use at Halloween

Halloween should be fun, but it’s become a big plastic polluter in recent years!

Halloween decoration, packaging, sweet wrappers, costumes …. there’s so much plastic involved. You only have to walk down the supermarket “seasonal” aisle with your eco-hat on to see how bad it is getting.

We all want Halloween to be a party, and we don’t expect everyone to go back to the days of apple-bobbing, pumpkins and little else. However there are ways you can try to make your Halloween “scary celebrations” more responsible in terms of plastic use, but still have fun.

So for today’s action, please plan your Halloween this year with the environment (and plastic pollution in particular) in mind.

What to do

Simply think about the packaging and plastic “stuff” you are using, and:

  • reduce the amount you are using by trying some alternatives
  • make sure that any plastic you do use is recyclable, and is then actually recycled
  • take the opportunity to educate children about the plastic pollution problem


  • buy sweets and treats for “trick or treat” that are not packaged in plastic
  • make or buy paper and card decorations, avoid plastic bunting and such like
  • make your own costumes from old clothes and other fabrics – re-use is always better!
  • resolve to give Halloween gifts that are plastic free – wooden toys and games for example
  • avoid single use Halloween “baubles”, plastic toys and so on – they are very damaging, and a waste of money too!
Halloween plastic packaging

Take action

Please, when shopping for and planning any Halloween activities, please be plastic-conscious and try and reduce your plastic footprint.

Plastic is one of the most damaging pollution problems we are facing at the moment. Discarded single use plastics are clogging our waste management systems, rapidly filling our landfill sites, breaking up into microplastics, littering our landscapes and polluting our waterways and oceans. You can take this opportunity to contribute to a collective action that can help.

If you haven’t done so already, please sign up to our bulletin using the form below; thank you for your support.

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