Action: Put a recycling bin in every room

If you ask recycling families where their recycling bins are you will likely receive a resounding cry of “in the kitchen” from the majority. However, unfortunately, this means rubbish produced in many of the other rooms in the house often become neglected, allowing perfectly recyclable materials to end up on their way to landfill.

So take action and put a few extra bins around the house just for recyclables:

  • place a bin in the bathroom to collect toilet paper rolls, cleaner containers, and packaging
  • in your study have a bin for printer paper, old files, pamphlets, and flyers
  • have a bin in the lounge for magazines, newspapers, drinks cans and bottles
  • a bin in the bedroom can collect cosmetics packaging, magazines, medicine bottles and more
  • a bin in a child’s room can collect recyclables AND be part of recycling education
  • a bin in the garage and/or shed is a place for jars, bottles, and recyclable project waste …
  • … as well as items that can come out of the car once parked, such as bottles and cans

This is a really simple and effective action that just makes recycling easier, and helps the whole family to be disciplined about it. This action is also inexpensive – even if you have to buy a few small bins these can cost from just a few pounds/dollars/euros, just search online in your browser or visit a local home goods or hardware store.

How does it help?

Recycling more helps our environment in several ways:

  • keeps material out of landfill
  • reduces the amount of plastic entering our environment
  • preserves resources
  • reduces our carbon footprint

Take action

Let’s all try to increase the amount of household waste that we recycle. This simple change will make it very easy to do.

If you haven’t done so already, please sign up to our bulletin “Take Action” using the form below, and thank you for your support.

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