Action: Invest in some ‘food huggers’

Another low-cost way to reduce plastic use and food waste

For this week’s action – invest a few pounds / dollars / euros in “food huggers”. These are great alternatives to plastic food bags and to cling film (which must be one of the worst ever inventions from an environmental perspective!)

Food huggers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to seal part used food for refrigeration. They can be used to cover cans and jars, bottles and cups, or used directly on some foods to protect (for example) a half used onion or grapefruit. They even make specially shaped ones to cover your half-used avocado (#firstworldproblem). Click for a bigger picture here …

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What are the environmental benefits?

There are several environmental and other benefits to using this type of temporary wrapping for your part-consumed food:

  • firstly, of course, no single use plastic is involved, such as cling film or food bags, which are not generally recyclable
  • you keep plastic waste out of landfill, incineration, or from littering our landscape or marine environment
  • your food is kept fresher without “sweating”, reducing food waste
  • you will save money – no need to buy food bags and cling film
  • bright, colourful, easy to use design means kids will enjoy using them too
  • reusable time and time and time again

What to do

Order yourself a pack of these today and try them out for use, we promise that you’ll love them and they will save you money overall. You can find them easily on Amazon or just search online for “foodhuggers”. Once you’ve tried them please tell us about it by tagging us in your social media stories.

Take action

This action does involve a small initial cost, but in the long run you will save money, reduce food waste, and limit your use of single use plastic, especially cling film. Cling film is non-recyclable and usually ends up polluting our environment, anything you can do to avoid using it has got to be a good thing!

Oh … and if you haven’t already, please sign up for our fortnightly bulletin ‘Take Action’ using the form below; thank you for your support.

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