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Action: Install reflective window film in warm weather

Save on your electricity costs and reduce your carbon dioxide footprint

Hot weather drives up the use of air conditioning units and fans, all of which pushes up our consumption of electricity and thus of fossil fuels. You can reduce this by installing cheap reflective film on your windows.

If we are to get control of our carbon emissions and global warming, we need to reduce our consumption of energy in our households and offices. This is a great tip for reducing the temperature indoors in the summer months, and so reducing the strain on your air conditioning system and the amount of power it uses.

What to do

You can purchase reflective window film in most DIY stores, or order it online. It consists of a very thin layer of plastic sheeting (yes, we know, but you can be forgiven this particular use of #plastic) which is coated on one side to reflect the heat and light from the sun. It is delivered on a backing sheet.

The film comes in varying degrees of “reflectiveness”, so you might want to read up a little and judge how much you want to reflect back. The film also provides you with additional privacy in the daytime.

Installing the film is simple, sheets can be cut to size using a craft blade or scissors, and then the film is applied to clean, wet glass. It is self adhesive, but fairly easily removed later if required.

Why is this an eco action?

This is a saver because, as mentioned above, it can significantly cool your home and so reduce the use of electricity to power air conditioning units and fans. Lots of our power is being generated using fossil fuels, and anything we can do to reduce this will:

  • reduce carbon emissions
  • reduce other pollution
  • lower the demands and stress on our power distribution systems

As well as reducing your carbon footprint, installing window film can bring other advantages too, for example:

  • reduce your electricity bills
  • reduce air conditioning noise in your home or business
  • make your home more comfortable
  • improve privacy during the day (you’ll still need curtains at night!)

Take action

window film

Think about installing reflective window film ready for the summer – it’s cheap, easy to do, saves money and reduces carbon emissions. You can learn more about installation at this helpful site >>

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