Hippo flush saver

Action: Install a Hippo flush saver

Install a cheap and easy “Hippo” flush saver

For a couple of pounds / dollar / Euros you can significantly reduce the amount of water you use in your toilet.

Reducing our water use in developed countries is essential, plus this action will save you money too – a typical household with two toilets could reduce water bills by £40 a year!

We are not suggesting for a moment that you compromise your cleanliness and hygiene, but it is true to say that many toilets – older ones especially – use far more water than is really needed. Hippo’s are simple, proven, low cost water saving devices to help conserve water in household toilet cisterns. Every time a toilet is flushed the Hippo saves approximately 2-3 litres of water.

Older toilets often flush 9-11 litres, or even more. This type of toilet will work well with a Hippo fitted and will reduce the flush volume by up to 3 litres. More modern cisterns are 6-8 litres and also work well with a Hippo fitted, making a saving of around 2 litres.

Imagine the amount that could be saved in workplace toilets, or in public areas!

There are good reasons to limit flushing if you can

  • it saves water, a resource we take too much for granted in the developed world
  • climate change is already leading to difficulties with water supplies in some countries
  • for household that pay for water by the cubic metre, it saves money
  • Even in countries where a continual supply of clean water is currently taken for granted, systems are under strain. Not just our infrastructure, but supplies too; aquifers and reservoirs get very low each summer and our water tables (the natural level of underground water) are being reduced. This impacts on our eco-systems to the detriment of plants and wildlife, as well as on our own water security.

Let’s look at what Hippo’s could save. Let’s do this by taking France as an example – it’s a typical developed country with good water infrastructure.

  • No of households in France (approx) = 29,000,000
  • Average household 3 people flushing the toilet four times a day
  • Average saving if Hippos are installed 2.5 litres
  • Total water saving over a year = 365 x 29,000,000 x 3 x 4 x 2.5 litres
  • = 317,550,000,000 litres!
  • A tonne of water is 1,000 litres, so this action in one country alone could save over 300 million tons of water!

Which is a lot!

Taking action is easy

You can buy a Hippo Flush Saver for less than £3 at this Amazon Link, and as you can see from our figures, it really could make a substantial contribution to protecting our environment, and to our own water security.

Learn more about Hippo at https://www.hippo-the-watersaver.co.uk/about_hippo/faqs.html.

We are not affiliated with Hippo, this is a genuine recommendation, not a sponsored article.

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