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Action: Buy your child a small solar powered toy for Christmas

Choose your Christmas gifts carefully – it can make a lot of difference

In December it’s time to ‘think green’ around Christmas gifts, decorations and celebrations, so this week’s action is … buy a child a solar powered toy.

It’s likely to be money you would have spent on a present anyway, so this action doesn’t really cost anything extra. But it will help.

How will it help?

By giving a small solar powered toy to a child as a Christmas gift, you will be helping to shape that child’s mind and attitude towards the use of energy in his or her future.

The environmental benefits include:

  • educating your child and others about renewable sources of energy
  • developing a culture and mindset that normalises the use of renewables
  • in many cases, encouraging interest in the science involved too
  • you will not be introducing more batteries into the environment
  • stimulating discussion about the use of energy and why renewables matter

Give me some examples?

The toy car pictured at the top of this article is a good example. Admittedly, it is made of plastic, but on balance its use in a long lasting toy is probably outweighed by the advantages of this action.

solar toy grasshopper

Other examples include windmills, lights, clocks, educational electronics kits, mobiles, radios and much more.

Try clicking on this Ecosia search and see what pops up in your country!

Take action

As you compile your Christmas shopping list, think about including a small solar powered toy for one of your children or other young relatives. It’s educational, fun, avoids the use of yet more batteries, and will influence their thinking on energy use.

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