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Action: Visit The Eden Project (a UK site) with your family


The Eden Project in the UK should be on every budding environmentalist’s to-do list!

Located in Cornwall in the UK, The Eden Project is an essential visit if you want to educate your family – especially youngsters – about ecosystems and the importance of caring properly for our planet and environment.

With apologies to our readers in other countries, todays action is aimed at those in the UK (or some of Europe) who can travel to Cornwall.

Having said that, there are similar projects planned in several countries around the world, check out this page for more information.

Please visit The Eden Project to broaden your experience and knowledge of our environment and educate your children.

What is The Eden Project?

The Eden Project

“Our home in Cornwall used to be a barren landscape – a former clay mine with no soil or plants. We transformed this huge crater into a beautiful global garden, which sets the stage for an extraordinary day out where you’ll rediscover the natural world as you’ve never experienced it before. 

Explore massive covered Biomes to trek though the world’s largest indoor rainforest and immerse yourself in the calm fragrance of the Mediterranean Biome. Enjoy extensive Outdoor Gardens, contemporary artworks, performance and storytelling. Discover places to rest, play and eat, and pick up inspiring ideas to take home on how to care for the planet that cares for you.”

The Eden Project website

At The Eden Project you can take your kids around the world, from the Mediterranean to the rainforest, without leaving the UK. They’ll love the space-age Biomes, weird and wonderful plants, intriguing artworks and inventive play spaces.

On their adventure, they’ll connect with nature in new and surprising ways, from walking through rainforest clouds to clambering in the massive Minibeast Mansion, and they’ll gain inspiration and practical tips on how to look after our beautiful planet.

Please check out The Eden Project website starting at

The Eden Project

Why is this one of our actions?

If we are to care for our planet, and expect our children to do the same, they need to understand it, so learning about our different eco-systems and environments is really important.

Not only can we all learn something, we also need to inspire and stimulate the environmentalists, biologists, and ecologists of the future. We also need to inspire the decision-makers of the future too – our future global leaders and influencers.

Take action

There are lots of ways to stimulate and educate our families about ecological issues.

If you are in the UK, please add The Eden Project to your itinerary. Even if you are not in the UK, look out for similar opportunities in your country to visit with your children.

The future is in our hands, but we will be transferring it to theirs very quickly!

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